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When you're not there... Let us care!
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When You're Not There...
Let Us Care!
We Get Letters...
Dear John,

Once again we owe you a great big thank-you for caring for Charlie, Dylan, and Millie this past weekend. It's such a relief to be able to leave town and not worry about our animals. Not only are they in familiar surroundings, but they have someone willing to play frisbee and let them race around the yard several times a day. You have alleviated stress from our lives and our beloved animals' lives, too.

Many thanks,

Suzanne and Harry
Dear Magnus and John,

I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know that my kids are in such capable and caring hands, Magnus thank you for your assistance and I loved the little diary you left for me. That is such a thoughtful thing to do!!

Happy New Year to you both. I will certainly be back in touch when I again need a sitter.


We are home. Had a great trip!

Thanks so much for taking such good care of our little guys, water plants and keeping an eye on things.


Thanks so much for taking such good care of our daughter's cat Sancho. We were very happy to have you looking in on him. We especially appreciated the daily notes on how he did. We really had peace of mind during our trip, knowing that Sancho was in good hands.

Thanks again.

Over the weekend, my husband and I had to go to St. Louis for the day, while I donít have any kids in the neighborhood that can dog sit by letting King out during the day while weíre gone, I finally called the Pet Guy.

I had noticed his signs along the various roads. When he came over on Saturday for a pre-meet, I remembered him from the YMCA 4:30 a.m. exercise group!! He is a retired JCHS school teacher and has a pretty impressive clientele (dogs, cats and horses)! It was a little more expensive than his normal JC rates since I live out of town, but well worth the cost. I was indeed pleased with his service! In fact, at the last minute, I announced that
Blue, my son's Chocolate Lab would be visiting too for the dayÖitís the same price for 1 dog or multiples. He kept them on a leash at all times because of the Pet Guy insurance requirements (my husband was pleasedÖbeing an insurance guy) and when I arrived home, there was a nice note talking about his visit. He even offered to water my plants, pick up my mail, and paper during the 45 minute visit.

The most impressive part was thatÖhe got the treat stuff down, sitting before eating, not rushing through the door, the kenneling issues with Blue and the electronic leash for King!

He is now on my speed dial and Iím going to have him pick up King from the Vet.

This is a note to let you know that we are very pleased with the way you cared for our dog, Fred, and our horse, Julie, while we were away. You took care of their basic needs and then some. Fred definitely needed to be walked and the log you kept for us was so fine. It gave us details about what was going on here while we were away. Like the black cat sneaking in to keep Fred company.

Thanks so much Pet Guy.

Joan and Gary
"... I hear nothing but good things about you and your business.  Thanks for being a safe, reliable alternative to boarding..."

The Staff of Southwest Animal Hospital
Deep thanks for taking such excellent care of Mrs. Perkins in our absence. While she definitely missed us, it was obvious that she received excellent care. Thanks, too, for keeping our plants hydrated and letting me know about the rainfall. It was fun to read the daily reports and eat the thoughtful "goodies" upon our return. Yummy! Seriously, your service was excellent and really afforded us peace of mind while we took this much needed break.

Until we travel again, best wishes,

Kate and Donovan
Thank you so much for taking care of Buddie, Socks, & Critter. Linda, thank you for learning to give Buddie his insulin shots and enabling our May vacation to Alaska! You two are dear to us!

Sue & Dave
Subject: Buster, Gracie, Turtle Girl and Fish all thank you

Really appreciate you taking care of all our kids while we were gone. It certainly was nice to not have to worry about them while we were gone. It was awesome to have a daily diary plus a surprise in the fridge for us when we got home after such a long trip. I will definitely use your services again.  Thanks again and if you need a reference please feel free to use us.

Cathy & Scott and family
We've never needed a pet-sitting service before now, and having known you, John, for years, we naturally turned to you for help. Thanks so much for taking excellent care of our beloved Goldens, Murphy and Jack. We didn't worry one bit about our sweeties while we were in Florida because they were in your capable hands.

Since this was our first time to use your services, we were surprised to find the wonderful daily journal upon our return. It was a delight to read and find out how each day went for our guys. You really went above and beyond. We will certainly use your services again and highly recommend you to all of our friends.

Thanks for getting the mail and newspapers and watering the plants, too. And we enjoyed the yummy "people treats!" Again, that extra-special touch that sets you apart from the rest!

Dennis and Nancy
Thank you so much for taking care of my fur babies! I truly appreciate you and the peace of mind you give while Iím away.