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When you're not there... Let us care!
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When You're Not There...
Let Us Care!
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Just because you have to be away from home, it
doesn't mean your pet has to leave home too.

When you travel, be it a vacation, a weekend, or just
away for the day, you can avoid the inconvenience of
relocating your pet and allow your pet the security of
staying home.

The Pet Guy can come to your home to:
Just be sure things are as they should be
around the house while you're gone.
You can phone The Pet Guy to get updates about how your pet is doing in your absence.
Ask about email updates sent directly to your laptop as you travel!
Feed and water your pet at its regular meal time.
Let him outside for a much needed break.
Give him some attention and playtime.
Take him on a short walk.
Give medications as necessary.
Just spend some time with him.
Bring in the mail and newspaper.
Water plants.
Take your pet to a vet appointment when you
In short, The Pet Guy can tend to the needs of your pet when you're not there!
Don't let your special friend miss an important event... The Pet Guy delivers!
The Pet Guy takes care of all kinds of pets - large, small, feather, fin, or fur!