The Pet Guy, LLC

When you're not there... Let us care!
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When You're Not There...
Let Us Care!
Regular Visit
30 Minutes

Extended Visit
45 Minutes

Hourly Care
60 Minutes

Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised
feeding, walks, and play. Dogs usually require two
or more visits per day; cats do fine with one visit.
Best for long walks, multiple pet homes, and pets
with special diets or special needs. Good for larger
animals and lawn or outside plant watering.

When extra time is needed.
Miles Price
0 - 9 Free
10 - 12 $1
13 - 15 $2
16 - 18 $3
19 - 21 $4
Each mile over 21
Distance Charges
We use to look up the round trip travel distance to your home from our office.
No extra charge for multiple pets.
Payment is expected at the time of service.